Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Hair Day (vol. 1) Takeshi Kaneshiro

Ok now I know it's been said so many times, but I have to say it for myself. Takeshi has awesome hair styles! This Ryukyuan-Taiwanese actor has been in great films including, Red Cliff I and II, House of Flying Daggers, Too Tired to Die, and many more.
I picked my favorite looks of his and posted the pics below. I liked the pic above the most because of thin his hair looks. I would love to know what products he use and how he keeps it looking so soft.
As for the cut I think he uses thinning shears for the sides and back. The back looks a little scruffy (curls towards the front of the face, which my hair does also at that length) at the ends, which means it has some length to it.The top really looks great with all that texture, it looks like the front bangs vary in size while the rest of the top is at medium to moderate length (maybe about 1.5-2").

The second and third picture is pretty much how my hair acts. It looks a little like he used gel or pomade with hair spray after. These pictures really make his hair look a little thicker, like how most Asians. The sides look like they are long for about and inch above the ear and below that they are cut short. The top seems to be lengthy towards the middle to give that Faux Hawk look with the front bangs being of same length so that they can fall to the front. You can tell from the pictures that product goes a long way when it comes to styling our hair, especially keeping the sides down.

If you have attempted this hair style and succeeded or failed please share your story. Thanks and have a nice Friday!

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